Monday, September 7, 2009

Interview with Brenda Behrens

Arizona artist Brenda Behrens combines wood turning and wood carving in many of her works including "the Ballet of the Leaves" in Carob wood shown above. Her favorite wood to work with is Myrtle wood.

"I have always enjoyed Myrtle Wood from the earliest that I can remember and that is back more years than I can remember." She says. "The process that I use to develop each carved piece begins with a wet chunk of Myrtle, turn it and then the carving begins with the traditional hand carving tools. Wet wood carves easier than dry and the Myrtle works well using this technique as it is a very stable wood, holds detail well and dries to a beautiful color."

Brenda is not afraid to take chances with her work, which often are labor intensive because of the amount of carving involved. She considers "Love of Nature" in Myrtle wood to be her most challenging piece, and the one she is most proud of.

"This piece is entirely hand sculpted using traditional hand carving tools and this made the work time extensive and consuming, however it was very satisfying." She says.

Not a woman of many words, she prefers to speak with her carving tools.

More of Brenda's work can be seen in her gallery at this link.

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