Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Work - Deborah and Jerry Kermode

Deborah sent along some stunning photos of their new work with old growth Redwood, salvaged from Northern California. 

Here is more about the unique and beautiful wood used to create these pieces-

"Our current source is old-growth redwood cut in the late 19th century in the Eureka area of Northern California.  Because of the wavy grain often found in the lower section of the trees, the stumps, sometimes as tall as houses, were considered inferior for lumber and left in the ground.  Growth and gravity have created compression, which, when cut, presents as wavy, flame-like patterns.  Some of our bowls show this figure dramatically.  Others show the elegant, very tight, straight grain for which old-growth redwood is prized.

Though these magnificent trees should never have been cut, they were.  Over the 100+ years that these stumps sat in the cleared forest, their already beautiful interior aged and darkened.  What an honor it is to be able to turn this majestic wood!  Our joy and responsibility is in sharing the bounty of the forest, unwrapping this beautiful gift of nature while leaving nature to continue her magic." - Deborah Kermode 

For more of Deborah and Jerry's turnings, please check out their Fine Wood Artists gallery-

And don't forget to check the previous blog post to read more about the AAW symposium, where they will be giving demonstrations.

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