Monday, October 24, 2011

New Work by Craig Thibodeau

Two new pieces by Fine Wood Artist member Craig Thibodeau a cabinet and a table, both feature marquetry but in two different styles.

More on of Craig's work can be found in his gallery.

Oak  Leaves and Acorns Cabinet

Size: 33" high by 14" deep by 31" wide
Materials: Claro Walnut, Curly Maple, Birds Eye Maple, Abalone, and various marquetry woods.

Another cabinet in my fall colors marquetry theme, this one featuring White Oak leaves and acorns on a Curly Maple background. The marquetry once again focuses primarily on natural wood tones for the contrasting leaf colors but I did add a bit of dyed green Poplar for the acorns and a few leaves. The acorns also have a small amount of sand shading to help enhance the depth of the acorn and cap pieces. The interior of this cabinet is veneered in very heavily figured Birds Eye Maple and has a small area of Abalone inlay for accent. The handles are once again integrated into the doors and the cabinet is finished with satin Lacquer.

Tulip Table
Size: 84" long by 44" wide by 30" high
Materials: Curly Anigre, Ash Burl, Anigre, Ebony, and various marquetry woods
A large elliptical dining table veneered with Curly Anigre, it has marquetry imagery of two red Tulips on a background of Ash burl bordered by dark green and white squares highlighted with thin Ebony inlay. The base is composed of several bent laminations finished with satin black Conversion Varnish. The table was designed for a client with strong interest in the Ottoman Empire so the Tulip marquetry drawings were based roughly on artwork of Tulips we found from that era.